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Sunless Tanners – A Safe Alternative
Sunless tanners have become increasingly popular in recent years with the dangers of exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun, and more recently, tanning salons, known to cause skin cancer.
Our research has shown that at this stage, there is no sunless tanning product that NSA can recommend as safe for use. All of these products contain harmful chemicals which affect the melanin in the skin and cause the change in colour, as well as many other unsafe chemicals.
The bronze appearance of skin has been intensely popular and sought after for many decades now and is continually marketed to the public by mass media. A safe and natural alternative to sunless tanners is a must for those desiring the bronze affect, without the dangers!
NSA recommends bronzing dust as one such alternative. This product provides the look of a bronze and shimmery appearance without any negative affects to the skin health. This product is totally natural and can be applied directly on to the skin or over foundation.