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The 6 Primary Skin Functions
And The Dirty Little Secret!

Natural Skin Care Secrets - Day 2

"The 6 Important Skin Functions and the Dirty Little
Secret That Cosmetic Giants Hope You Never Find Out"
  • How Cosmetic Corporations Exploit A Primary Skin Function And What This Means For Your Bloodstream.
  • What The Average Square Inch Of Skin Actually Contains

Yesterday we talked about the major benefits of being an IOC (Informed Organic Consumer), that is building a protective barrier against harmful toxins while saving tons of time and money in the process.

I can tell you from personal experience it really is so liberating to be in total control - and knowledgeable - of what skin care products and remedies you put on your skin, through your hair, in your mouth and any other place you choose.

This "radical" concept of personal liberty by preventing dangerous chemicals from wreaking havoc on our bodies is catching on fast. When we started our community of like-minded natural skin care lovers I don't think any of us could have predicted the massive impact we would have on the whole skin care world.

The rate at which new people are joining every day is astonishing. Like I said yesterday I am seriously thinking of taking our community deeper underground so it doesn't get too big. I don't want to lose the tight bond our unique community has created.

But do not fear, if you are reading these words now you are on my "A-List", which means you will be the first to know any new changes.

Ok, with all that said let's cut to the chase. Today we'll take an in-depth look at what your skin is, what it does and the dirty little secret that the mega skin care corporations hope you never find out.

Did you know your skin is your body's largest organ accounting for about 15% of human body weight? Wow! But that's not all. The average square inch of skin contains 65 hairs, 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels and 1000 nerve endings.

Essentially, there are 6 primary skin functions:

1) Protection - your first line of bodily defense from the external environment.

2) Sensation
- your nerve endings react to touch, pressure, heat, cold, vibration and tissue injury.

3) Heat Regulation
- this skin function regulates body temperature through sebaceous glands.

4) Storage and Synthesis
- acts as a storage center for lipids and water as well as a means of synthesis of vitamin D and B by action of Ultra Violet light on certain parts of the skin.

5) Excretion
- an important skin function that eliminates urea when you sweat.

6) Absorption
- Oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide enter your skin in small amounts. Because of this, medicine by ointments and patches are used by doctors. Cosmetic and skin care products can also enter the skin and penetrate the bloodstream this way.

This is the Dirty Little Secret!

Absorption of chemicals through the skin is the dirty little secret that the government and chemical corporations don't want you to know.

So just how how much are we exposed to toxins through skin care products?

Well, to find out the shocking truth make sure you keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's issue:

Revealed: The "Dirty Dozen Health Risks" of Mainstream
Skin Care Products That You Must Avoid Like The Plague

Yours for Natural Skin Care,
Adam Waters

P.S. If you haven't already got it I would like to give you a copy of my digital report, the Toxin Bible, for free. This guide lays out the Top 160 known skin care toxins to avoid and is a great primer for what you'll be learning in the upcoming issues of this mini-course.


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