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Rating Policy For Skin
Care Toxins
and Natural

The purpose of this section is to help you understand the rating parameters used to grade the skin care products reviewed on this site. This will help you separate fact from fiction regarding the use of skin care toxins and natural ingredients. The four grading components are natural parameters, toxic parameters, sources and my personal opinion.

The products reviewed cover a wide range of skin care products. I have included products marketed as natural, certified organic as well mainstream commercial brands. Each product is reviewed according to the ingredient list- required by law.

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Natural ParametersToxic ParametersSources UsedMy Personal Opinion

Step By Step Rating Process

Each product has been put through 20 different natural parameters. The following is the process I use.

1) The ingredient list for each skin care product is sourced from official company websites. This list is then cross referenced with the major skin care portals like Drugstore.com and SkinStore.com

2) A natural profile is built by running the ingredient list through 8 natural parameters. Each natural parameter is assigned a different weighting according to its importance. A natural score is then assigned to the product.

3) A toxic profile is built by putting the product through the 12 toxic parameters. Skin care toxins are also assigned a different weighting according to their level of toxicity. A toxic score is assigned to the product.

4) A final score is given to each product. This is calculated by using a default score of 5.0. The natural score out of 5.0 is added and a toxic score out of 5.0 is subtracted. The final score is a balanced rating out of 10.0.


Natural Parameters

1) Certified Organic - There are several independent certifying bodies in many different nations. These include Australian certified Organic (A.C.O) and U.S.D.A Organic (United States Department of Agriculture).

2) 100% Natural Ingredients - This is a necessary parameter because some products may contain all natural ingredients without actually being certified organic.

3) No Synthetic Chemicals - This important parameter establishes whether the product contains any chemicals. These substances are not derived from natural sources.

4) Cruelty Free - This determines whether any ingredient was tested on animals during the research and/or manufacture of the product. Using FDA data this is possible to determine accurately.

5) No Pesticides - This determines whether pesticides were used in the production of plant source ingredients. A product being certified organic is the only reliable way to rule out the use of pesticides.

6) No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) - This parameter determines whether any plant sources have been corrupted with GMO. A product being certified organic is the only reliable way to rule out the use of GMO.

7) Cold Formulated - This is a manufacturing process that ensures natural ingredients are kept in their original fresh state by allowing no heat in during production.

8) Charitable Donations - By reviewing the official company website I am able to determine whether the company gives back to the community.


Toxic Parameters

1) Cancer: Proven Link - Through publicly available documents on chemicals it is possible to determine whether the product contains cancer causing chemicals - carcinogens. You may be shocked at the level of these skin care toxins in mainstream products.

2) Cancer - Possible Link - These chemicals make up a large portion of ingredients in many products. While no hard link has been established to cancer by the conservative research labs they are quite hazardous nonetheless.

3) Reproductive Toxins - These skin care toxins have been deemed by the research community to have direct negative affects on the reproductive system of women and men. Importantly this includes pregnancy for mothers.

4) Safety Violations - These are chemicals being used in skin care products that are in direct violation of government regulations. Hard to believe but true.

5) Harmful Toxins - These skin care toxins are liberally used in many skin care products. In terms of toxicity they are generally a tier below the "cancer - possible link " parameter.

6) Untested Chemicals - These chemicals have never been formally tested for safety for human use in skin care products.

7) Penetration Enhancers - These skin care toxins infiltrate the skin membrane. This opens the door for many other chemicals to enter. This also is a direct violation of government regulations as cosmetics are not permitted to enter the bloodstream.

8) Animal Tested - These chemicals have been tested on animals. A despicable practice that has rightly drawn the ire of many consumers. One important point is to realize that many companies like the Body Shop outright lie about this issue by outsourcing these skin care toxins to third parties.

9) - 11) Dangerous Chemicals - These three parameters are specific chemicals assigned to individual product categories. They are the three most dangerous skin care toxins in that particular category.

12) Misleading Advertising - This widespread practice determines whether a company uses deceptive advertising to trick customers into thinking their products are natural, organic or cruelty free.


Sources Used

Natural Parameter Sources
- The following are sources used in compiling the information for the natural score of each skin care product.

ACO, Australian Certified Organic - An independent body based in Australia.

BFA, Biological Farmer's Association - Parent body of the ACO.

USDA, United States Department of Agriculture - The US government body overseeing certified organic labeling.

IFOAM, International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements - International body overseeing organic agriculture.

JAS, Japan Agricultural Standards - Japanese body enacted by law to oversee organic labeling.

Toxic Parameter Sources - These are the sources used to determine the toxic parameter score for each product.

EWG, Environmental Working Group - A research group based in the US.

CIR, Cosmetic Ingredient Review - A self appointed body of cosmetic corporations overseeing the cosmetic industry.

FDA, Food & Drug Administration - US Government body overseeing the cosmetic industry.

Skin Care Toxins Hazard MSDS - Publishes material safety data sheets on all commercial chemicals.

Scorecard.org - Environmental Defense - Publishes pollution information.

HazMap, Operational Exposure to Hazardous Agents - Information on hazardous chemicals and occupational diseases.

CDC, Center for Disease Control - Provides information to prevent work-related illnesses and injuries.


My Personal Opinion

My personal opinion does not enter into the equation until the final score has been assigned to each product. I have done this to ensure complete editorial independence.

As a service to you I purchase each top rating product and write a review based on my findings. The review is a detailed description of my experience using the product - positive or negative.

Products that both receive a perfect score of 10.0 and meet my personal approval can be purchased online through the link provided in the review. This link will take you to the company home page where you can further investigate and purchase those products should you choose to.


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