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Skin Care Category Reviews

Skin Moisturizer Review 2005

Facial Moisturizer Review 2005

Lip Balm Review 2005

Body Wash Review 2005

Shampoo Review 2005

Hair Conditioner Review 2005

Deodorant Review 2005


Skin Moisturizer Product Reviews

Miessence Skin Moisturizer

Terressentials Skin Moisturizer

Burts Bees Complexion Oil

Natures Bounty Skin Cream

Jergens natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

Rite Aid Skin Care Lotion

Jason Natural Skin Moisturizer

Dove Face Care Skin Moisturizer

Zia Natural Body Gel

Kiss My Face Body Lotion

Miracle ii Moisturizer


Facial Moisturizer Product Reviews

Miessence Facial Moisturizer

Terressentials Facial Cream

Organic Make Up Company Facial Moisturizer

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

Jason Natural Facial Moisturizer

Kiss My Face Peaches and Cream

Zia Natural Facial Moisturizer

Miracle ii Moisturizer


Lip Balm Product Reviews

Miessence Natural Lip Balm

Terressentials Natural Lip Balm

Organic Make Up Company Natural Lip balm

Blistex Lip Balm

ChapStick Lip Balm

Jason Natural Lip Protector

Kiss My Face Lip Balm


Body Wash Product Reviews

Miessence Natural Body Wash

Burt's Bees Poison Ivy Soap

Tom's of Maine Natural Deodorant Soap

Aubery Organics Herbal Liquid Body Soap

Caress Shimmering Body Wash

Dove Essential Nutrients Creamy Foaming Cleanser

AXE Revitalizing Shower Gel

Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash


Hair Shampoo Product Reviews

Miessence Organic Shampoo

Terressentials Fragrance Free Shampoo

Burts Bees Herbal Shampoo

Biolage Shampoo

Aussie Shampoo

Suave Shampoo

Paul Mitchell Shampoo

Alterna Shampoo

Jhirmack Shampoo

Kerastase Shampoo

Pureology Shampoo


Hair Conditioner Product Reviews

Miessence Natural Hair Conditioner

EO Hair Conditioner

Hobe Hair Conditioner

Waleda Hair Conditioner

Biolage Hair Conditioner

Suave Hair Conditioner

Kerastase Hair Conditioner

Paul Mitchell Hair Conditioner

Pureology Hair Conditioner

Aubery Organics Hair Conditioner

Nature's Gate Hair Conditioner


Deodorant Product Reviews

Miessence Aluminum Free Deodorant

Home Health Natural Deodorant

Axe Deodorant Body Spray

Lynx Deodorant

Degree Deodorant

Ban Deodorant

Secret Deodorant


Skin Care Toxins

Top 20 Cosmetic Toxins

Toxins A to Z (Full list categorized alphabetically)

Top 10 toxins listed below.

1. Mercury

2. Lead Acetate

3. Formaldehyde

4. Toluene

5. Petroleum Distillates

6. Ethylacrylate

7. Coal Tar

8. Dibutyl Phthalate

9. Potassium Dichromate

10. 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3-Diol