Thank you to the many emailers and contributors to NSA over the last few months. We always appreciate receiving your comments and questions via our contact us and feedback options. We would like to share a few of these below. 

1. Helen from New Zealand commented about the NSA website, “I love it, it has heaps of information and I can read about things that interest me.”  18 Dec 2008 And yes Helen we are planning some major updates during this year to make the site even better! Thank you.

2. Samantha from the United Kingdom commented that the website has “Great information I was expecting to find the info I was looking for in more than one site but found it all here. I shall be bookmarking it.” 2 Dec 2008 Thank you for your comment, it is fantastic to know that you can find what you need in one place. Thank you also for your suggestions, they have been taken on board!

3. Doriane from the United States just this week commented that the NSA site has “All the information I wasn't aware of regarding the toxins is Very much appreciated. I have my two little toxin check lists for shampoo and conditioner. I feel more aware of what I need to watch out for and have allot more confidence in the way I'm getting ready to take care of my hair.” 3 Feb 2009 That’s fantastic to hear Doriane. You are taking care of skin and your health, the most important thing each of us has the power to make good choices for!

4. Lorraine from the United State commented that what she likes about the NSA site is “it gives me data I need to make informative choices about my skin care needs” 10 Dec 2008. That’s an awesome comment Lorraine! That is exactly our mission at NSA and it is fantastic to hear that we are meeting the needs of consumers.

5. Debra from the United States commented that the NSA site gives “a lot of good information to guide future purchases”. 17 Nov 2008 Thank you Debra. Part of our aim is certainly to empower you to make better choices about your skincare purchases.