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What Are The Best
Natural Skin Care Products?

After spending a few thousand hours researching toxins in personal care products and a multitude of skin care companies I finally came across ONE Group, a real natural skin care company I could place my trust in. I have been using their natural skin care products for a number of years now and I have never felt better. I actually look forward to taking a shower and grooming myself because I feel so energized after my personal care routine using the ONE Group range of products.

I have now fully replaced every toxic product in my bathroom and house with ONE Group certified organic products.

Natural skin care products

How to Order

1. Order safely and securely by credit card at our online store with 256 bit authenticated security

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(For step by step instructions on how to order online at the official ONE Group website, see below)

2. Click to order by using Paypal

(Click the link above for instructions on how to download and print the ONE Group retail order form)

3. Click to order by fax or mail using a credit card or money order

(Click the link above for instructions on how to download and print the ONE Group retail order form)

Special Limited-Time Bonus Offer

By purchasing ONE Group products from this site not only will you get tremendous benefits from using certified organics, but you also help support the ongoing research I do here in my effort to get the word out about hazardous toxins.

NSA Ultra Charter
Membership Package

If you do decide to order ONE Group products I would like to show my appreciation by buying you a NSA (Natural Skincare Authority) Ultra Charter Membership package.


You will receive a "backstage pass" to
my password protected membership site which will get you access to my weekly Product Review Guides. These downloadable guides will keep you up to speed on the latest natural skin care products being released on the market.

No product, brand or company is safe! I will disect each product through their published ingredient list and give you the truth about just how natural (or toxic) it is. Each guide will give you a summary of the best and worst natural skin care products, along with the Top 10 toxins to avoid.

There are currently 4 Product Review Guides available in the NSA Ultra Members area, with new ones coming soon.

Skin Moisturizer Guide Facial Moisturizer Guide Hair Shampoo GuideHair Conditioner Guide

*These reports are in Adobe PDF format so that you can download them and print off on your computer. You will continue receiving these reports for as long as you wish to remain a member.

Order Risk free

If you are not completely satisfied with any ONE Group product, simply contact me within 15 days of your purchase and I will help you organize return of your products for an immediate replacement or refund of the purchase price.


If you have any other product questions I will also give you access to my private email address so you can contact me 24 hours a day with any questions or comments you may have.

Worldwide Shipping

ONE Group currently ships products to more than 100 countries worldwide. As ONE Group products are certified organic to international food grade standards they are usually deemed "safe" for import.

However, some countries do have a little "red tape" to cut concerning cosmetics and may require duties and/or taxes to be paid. When you order you will see the exact criteria for your country.

Discounts and Shipping

Depending on your order size you can get up to 20% off the retail price. Below is the criteria.

Order Total Discount Shipping
Less than $100 Full Price* $9.95
$100 to $149 Full Price* $4.95
More than $150* 20% off* $4.95

* After your first order of $150 (excluding taxes) or more, all future orders regardless of value will attract a 20% discount.

For larger orders it is recommended to join as a Representative as discounts of up to 40% with free shipping are available as shown below.

Order Total Discount Shipping Joining Fee #
Under 300 Points ^ 20% off $4.95* $40
300 to 599 Points 30% off Free $20
600 Points + 40% off Free Free

*$9.95 shipping fee where order is less than 75 points

^ All products are given a point value to determine discounts for representatives, this is ~ 70% of the product value.

# Representatives pay a joining fee for which you are given all the tools required to build a business including your own website and training.

Please Note: There are no monthly ordering commitments. You can order the products once only without any further obligations.

Easy Way To Order

1. Order securely by credit card at the official ONE Group website

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(For step by step instructions on how to order online at the official ONE Group website, see below)

The following is important information on how to place on online order for ONE Group products so you can claim your free NSA Ultra Membership. This also entitles you to have me on call as your personal customer service representative.

I will take care of any problems you may have, as well handle refund or replacement requests.

How To Order Online
With a Credit Card

Below are the step by step instructions along with screen images on how to order online at the official ONE Group website. Click on the order link below which will open up a new window. You can then follow along at the same time with the steps below.

Step 1) Click here to go to the official ONE Group website.

Step 2)
When you click the above link a new window will open up to the official ONE Group website. You will then see the same window as you see below.


Step 3) Simply choose your country in the drop down box at top right corner of page. You have 7 options to select from (Australia, United States, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain, Japan and Other)

Step 4)
Choose the product types you wish to shop for in the left pane under "Start Shopping Below". You can shop by "Skin Care", "Hair Care", "Body/Oral Care", "Cosmetics", "Health Care" (Probiotics/Anti-Oxidants), "Household" (Bug Spray/Air Freshener), "Tools" (Members Only) and "Packs" (Skin Care/Probiotics Packs).

Step 5) A selection of products will appear (as shown below). Update the quantities for each product that you wish to purchase by pressing the "+" or "-" symbols, or simply enter the quantity and press update cart in the relevant product window once you have completed your selections. Take as much time as you like when reviewing each product. You will also see the cost of each product.

Step 6) When you have completed your shopping, select checkout in the Login section at right hand pane.


Step 7) On the next page (See picture below) you will see the shopping cart. After you have reviewed your shopping cart, select Customer Details to create a customer account.


Step 8) Simply select the New customer radio button (See picture below), enter your email address, enter your new password and then re-enter your new password, and then press Shipping Details button.


Step 9) Enter your shipping details in the available fields including any special delivery instructions, and then select payment details at bottom of shipping details.


Step 10) Complete your credit card details including your CCV* number and select confirm order to finalise your order. (Your credit card information is securely processed through ONE Group's SSL encrypted servers)

*On Visa and MasterCard credit cards, it is the three digit value printed on the signature panel on the back following the credit card account number. For American Express, the number is the 4 digit value printed on the top right of the credit card account number. JCB does not support the CCV security measure, please leave this field blank for JCB transactions.


Please take note at the top of the page that your ONE Group Representative is "Adam Natural Skincare Authority". This is the only way I will know to give you your NSA Ultra Membership and personal service.

Step 11) Once your order has been processed you will then receive an order confirmation to your email address. (See picture below). Be sure to review the order and make sure the details are correct. You can also print out the email to keep for your own records.

Once I receive confirmation of your order I will send you a personal email with specific details on how you can get access to your NSA Ultra Membership. I look forward to seeing you "backstage" at NSA Ultra.

Kind Regards,

Adam Blue Signature

Adam Waters,

Natural Skincare Authority

P.S I am only human, and there are so many hours in a day and only so many people I can physically attend to! So, in order to provide the best quality service possible I must put a cap on the number of members for obvious reasons.

I can only guarantee that the first 50 44 people will qualify for NSA Ultra Membership, the weekly Product Review Guides, completely custom tailored support and the risk free refund guarantee.

Order securely by credit card at the official ONE Group website

Click to order by fax or mail using a credit card or money order

P.P.S If you have any questions regarding ONE Group products or NSA Ultra Membership you can contact me via email by clicking on this link: Natural Skin Care Products Information Request.

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