Natural Skin Care Product Revolution Inspired By The Words Of Gandhi
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How The Words Of Gandhi Inspired A
Natural Skin Care Product Revolution And Humiliated The $29 Billion Chemical Empire

NarelleTen years ago Narelle Chenery was just a small town mum in suburban Australia making natural skin care product formulas in her kitchen.

Today she heads up the world's first and only certified organic skin care company by "cracking the code" with a secret formula that is fast breaking the toxic stranglehold of the cosmetic conglomerates.

Narelle Chenery

The Calm Before
The Storm

This modern day fairytale all started so innocently. When Narelle was pregnant with her first child a friend introduced her to a "natural" skin care range new to the market. This company prided itself on manufacturing the best skin care products using "science and nature" claiming that there were no synthetic toxins in their products.

A Chance Discovery
Unravels The Deception

Soon after Narelle started using these products, a cosmetic dictionary "jumped" out at her while she was browsing though a health food store. Little did she know at the time the impact this discovery would have on the $29 billion dollar* cosmetic industry.

*Source: OCA;

As she was flipping through the ingredient dictionary Narelle's jaw nearly hit the ground in amazement as she discovered that the "natural" products she had been using were littered with hazardous toxins.

Not wanting to put her unborn baby at risk she quickly regathered her composure and left the store with a new found resolve. She started on a mission to research just how prevalent toxins were in skin care and cosmetic products.

The Biggest Shock Of All

The deception that Narelle had felt with the previous company was about to pale in comparison with the earth shaking information she discovered next. Narelle couldn't believe her eyes as she came to grips with the grandest deception of them all.

She uncovered through government and chemical industry databases the three things that the billion dollar cosmetic cartel spend billions of dollars a year on false advertising to cover up.

 3 Things They Don't
Want You To Know

1) 99% of the 14,228 skin care and cosmetic products on the market have never been evaluated for safety by the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration), CIR (Cosmetic Ingredient Review) or any other publicly accountable institution.

2) 74% of all personal care products on the market according to chemical industry databases contain:

  • Carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals),
  • Teratogens (causing birth defects),
  • Reproductive toxins (male & female infertility),
  • Developmental toxins (hazardous to unborn children)
  • Skin/sense organ toxicants (causing skin disease and rashes)
  • Allergenic toxicants (causing allergies)
  • Mutagens (causing cells to mutate)

3) 57% of all skin care products contain "penetration enhancer" chemicals like Propylene Glycol and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that drive down deep through five layers of skin and illegally hijack your bloodstream.


Illegal Hijacking Of
Your Bloodstream

The reason "penetration enhancer" chemicals are "illegal" is because this violates the FDA's own regulations regarding the use of cosmetic chemicals that affect the structure or function of the human body. Below is a direct quote from the FDA.

"Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act defines drugs as those products that cure, treat, mitigate or prevent disease or that affect the structure or function of the human body. While drugs are subject to an intensive review and approval process by FDA, cosmetics are not approved by FDA prior to sale. If a product has drug properties, it must be approved as a drug, only approved drugs are allowed to enter your bloodstream."

Source: FDA,

The Words of Gandhi Inspire

Armed with this knowledge Narelle idealistically set about countering the proliferation of health destroying synthetic chemicals in personal care products. As revealed in The Organic Gardener, Narelle used the words of Gandhi, "Non-cooperation with evil is a sacred duty", as motivation.

"Although there are many interpretations of what is "evil", and
although the evil that Gandhi was countering was profound, Narelle is nevertheless dealing with one the most insidious problems of modern life - the proliferation of environmental and health damaging products."

Excerpt: The Organic Gardener, Spring 2003

Even though the odds were stacked against her, Narelle started experimenting with organic ingredients in her kitchen. She successfully developed an organic skin cream and started giving samples away as gifts. As word began to spread, her hobby of producing hand made organic creams had turned into a fully fledged home based business.

Narelle's Big Break

Eighteen months later Narelle was at her stall at a natural products expo when she was approached by a man called Alf Orpen. Even though Alf already had 20 years experience working in the organic industry throughout the US, UK and Asia he was blown away by Narelle's enthusiasm and idealism.

The Secret Formula

Narelle showed Alf her secret proprietary system of emulsifying and preserving skin care products without any synthetic toxins. Amazed by what he saw Alf challenged her to do what most people in the industry thought impossible...create the world's first certified organic skin care range

USDA Organic Watershed

Narelle immediately started the exhaustive and stringent process of obtaining organic certification to food standards for her entire skin care range.

After 3 years of hard work Narelle's new company, ONE Group, achieved a landmark decision in the 90 year history of skin care and cosmetics. This watershed moment occurred on the 21st of October 2002 following a USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) ruling that Narelle had the only skin care brand that met USDA Organic requirements.

Humiliation For The Cosmetic Industry

In a little over 3 years Narelle had humiliated the $29 billion cosmetic chemical empire by being the first in history to have USDA certified organic skin care products.

All this despite the billions of dollars the skin care and cosmetic industry pumps into research and development of "natural" skin care products every year. However, she didn't stop there, the humiliation for the cosmetic industry from this young Australian upstart was only just beginning...

Next Stop...
Australian Certified Organic

This was quickly followed by ACO (Australian Certified Organic) organic certification to international food grade standards. To put that into perspective Narelle actually created a natural skin care product range that is safe enough to eat, a far cry from what the cosmetic cartel sells you.

These organic certifications cover all aspects of the processing chain, to ensure that the organic integrity is maintained: from seed growing, harvesting, storage, transporting and processing through to the finished product. Below are the actual organic certifications from the USDA and the ACO.

USDA Organic Certification

ACO Organic Certification
ACO Certification

Total Peace of Mind

By carrying this stamp of approval from these independent bodies, Narelle's customers have total assurance and peace of mind that their products contain absolutely no synthetic toxins. They use these products daily with total confidence, as the certified organic seal on each and every product is the guarantee of organic purity and goodness.

Above And Beyond
The Call of Duty

As if creating a revolution with the world's first (and only) certified organic skin care range wasn't enough Narelle even went a few steps further.

She formulated a set of strict criteria that every single product must adhere to before leaving the factory. Below are the five pillars all Narelle's products are built on:

5 Pillars Of Certified
Organic Skin Care

  1. Certified Organic to International Food Grade Standards

  2. 100% Beneficial Ingredients

  3. Proprietary Cold Formulation Process

  4. Personalized To Your Skin Profile

  5. Cruelty-Free and Environmentally Friendly

We have covered certified organic so let's take a closer look at each additional pillar.

100% Beneficial Ingredients

1) All products must contain only 100% beneficial ingredients that cleanse and purify your skin and hair.

Some of Narelle's customers have sent unsolicited testimonials documenting their success with these certified organics (as you will see below).

They report overwhelming satisfaction with the positive effect that authentic organic ingredients have on their lifestyle and well-being. To give you an idea, below is the ingredient list along with benefits of Narelle's Certified Organic Intensive Body Cream.

Intensive Body Cream Ingredient List and Benefits
Proprietary blend of organic native Australian herb extracts Antibacterial and healing properties
Purified water Reverse osmosis treated and UV treated
Organic Rosehip Seed oil Effective against skin damage
Organic Jojoba Excellent moisturizing and skin protective effects
Organic Safflower Oil Very high in linoleic acid, deep moisturizer
Organic Cocoa butter Nourishing and rich butter, excellent skin protector
Organic Sugar cane Natural solvent for herbs, carries beneficial ingredients into your skin
Non-GMO lecithin Natural moisturizing factor, softens and hydrates your skin
Organic Unrefined Beeswax Seals in moisture and protects your skin
d-Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5) Improves the moisture-retention capacity of your skin and stimulates regeneration.
Organic Lavender Soothes inflamed skin
Olive Leaf extract Reduces skin damage caused by pollution and UV radiation, therefore protecting your skin from photo-aging
Organic Calenduala extract Soothes, heals and restores your skin
Organic Chamomile Extract Antimicrobial, calming and soothing
Organic Marshmallow extract Softens, revitalizes and hydrates
Organic Olive extract Repairs, tones, firms and contains anti-oxidant properties
Organic St. Johns Wort extract Moisturizes, refreshes and tones

Proprietary Cold
Formulation Process

2) Every ingredient in every product is cold formulated through Narelle's secret formula so the natural ingredients are never exposed to damaging heat.

This is done because heat fundamentally alters the state of natural ingredients so much so that they lose their beneficial properties.

Through painstaking trial and error over many years Narelle has developed a proprietary system of emulsifying and preserving natural ingredients. This tends to give her customers an extra sense of security, knowing beyond any shadow of a doubt that all products maintain their original fresh state when shipped.

Skin Care Customized
To Your Unique Needs

3) The world's first certified organic skin care range customized to all four skin profiles.

As each skin type has its own unique qualities and needs, Narelle's customers can personalize their skin care regime according to their skin profile. Here are the four major skin profiles:

  • Normal Combination skin
  • Dry/Mature skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Oily/Problem skin

Shown below is each skin profile and how Narelle's organic herbs help her customers rejuvenate their skin and correct any previous skin problems.

Normal/Combination Skin Sensitive Skin
Dry/Mature Skin Oily/Problem Skin

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Normal/Combination Skin Profile
Features of normal/combination skin
1) Even skin tone, with fine to average pore size
2) May have enlarged pores with T-zone oiliness
3) Occasional breakouts
4) Some blackheads
Narelle's Herbs Used to Balance This skin Type
Organic Calendula - soothes, heals and restores
Organic Chamomile - antimicrobial, calms and restores
Organic Marshmallow - softens, revitalizes and hydrates
Organic Olive Leaf - repairs, tones, firms and anti-oxidant
Organic St. Johns Wort - moisturizes, refreshes, tones
Organic Lavender - soothes, relaxes and regenerates
Organic Rosehip Seed - regenerates, moisturizes and heals

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Dry/Mature Skin Profile
Features of Dry/Mature Skin Profile
Needs extra nourishment
Some loss of elasticity
May have some dry patches
Dull complexion/no sheen
May have surface capillaries
Narelle's Herbs Used to Rejuvenate This Skin Type
Organic Gotu Kola - anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, heals
Organic Hops - stimulates, tones, dark circle treatment
Organic Horsetail - stimulates, tones, firms, anti-free radical
Organic Nettle - circulation enhancer, anti-inflammatory
Organic Geranium - tones, softens, soothes, balances
Moroccan Rose - anti-wrinkle, regenerates
Organic Avocado - moisturizes, nourishes
Organic Rosehip Seed Oil - regenerates, moisturizes, heals

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Sensitive Skin Profile
Features of Sensitive Skin Profile
May have surface capillaries and flaky patches
Can feel irritated and itchy
Can appear blotchy
Allergic reactions are common
Flushed and red easily
Narelle's Herbs Used to Soothe Sensitive Skin
Organic Chamomile - anti-microbial, calms, soothes
Organic Horse chestnut - decongests, drains broken capillaries,
Organic St. Johns Wort - moisturizes, astringent, refreshes,
Organic Witch hazel - drains, astringent, anti-free radical
Carrot Seed - regenerates, tones and heals
German Chamomile - anti-bacterial and wound-healing
Organic Rosehip Seed Oil - regenerates, moisturizes, heals

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Oily/Problem Skin Profile
Features of Oily/Problem Skin Profile
Can have oily sheen
Open pores, blackheads and redness
Narelle's Herbs Used to Purify Oily/Problem Skin
Organic Burdock - astringent, softens, soothes and purifies
Organic Echinacea - purifies, stimulates, calms
Organic Nettle - anti-inflammatory, astringent, strengthening
Organic Palntin - astringent, soothing and healing
Organic Witch hazel - drains, astringent, anti-free radical,
Organic Tea Tree - astringent, regulates and repairs
Organic Lemon Myrtle - astringent, anti-bacterial and repairs
Organic Jojoba - nourishes, moisturizes, anti-free radical

Taking a Stand Against
Animal Cruelty

4) No animal is tested on or harmed during the manufacture of Narelle's certified organic products.

Narelle's customers make a positive difference in the lives of thousands of animals worldwide. This is because all ingredients are collected from Mother Nature and preserved in their natural state.

Even though it is rarely discussed in the corporate media this despicable practice continues unabated to this very day, carried out by large and small skin care makers alike.

Across all industries it is estimated that 50 to 100 million animals* are tested on (and subsequently killed) each year.

*Source: RDS Online

In fact, many so-called natural skin care companies who claim to be "philosophically opposed to animal testing" actually outsource animal testing to third party chemical corporations.

Narelle believes the least we can do is vote with our wallet by simply refusing to buy products from companies that do test on animals. In the long run that is the only way that these companies will learn, when their bottom line is affected.

As Narelle sources raw materials exclusively from organic farmers in Australia her customers also help the environment by contributing to sustainable agriculture and the the ecology of our planet.

What This All Means For You

As Narelle's company has just begun to expand internationally you now have the opportunity to become one of Narelle's customers. You too can have total peace of mind by using a natural skin care product range that is certified organic, cruelty free, customized to your skin profile while containing no synthetic chemicals.

Introducing ONE Group...

Narelle's company ONE (Organic Group and Natural Enterprise) Group has a state of the art production facility in Australia. All the natural ingredients, organic herbs and essential oils are collected from organic farms on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

There are three different certified organic brands under the ONE Group umbrella. The skin care and cosmetic brand is called MiEssence, the probiotic "super food" brand is MiVitality and the household product range is called MiEnviron. Below is a picture of the complete range of One Group's certified organic products.



3 Easy Ways To Order

1. Order safely and securely by credit card at our online store with 256 bit authenticated security

Visa Logo Mastercard Logo Amex lgo

(For step by step instructions on how to order online at the official ONE Group website, see below)

2. Click to order by using Paypal
(Click the link above for instructions on how to download and print the ONE Group retail order form)

Click to order by fax or mail using a credit card or money order
(Click the link above for instructions on how to download and print the ONE Group retail order form)

ONE Group has steadily expanded their product range to meet the enormous worldwide demand for organic products. In the near future Narelle plans to have a complete range of certified organic lifestyle products including household cleaners and garden products.

Though, right now the major focus is on personal care products. As you can see below, the Top 15 ONE Group products are predominantly skin care and cosmetics with the most popular being the probiotic "super food."

ONE Group Top 15
1. In-Liven Probiotic "Super Food"

In-Liven is the result of over 20 years research & development. The bacteria are produced from fruits and vegetables and not fast-tracked from faecal matter. Contains significant enzymes, vital amino acids and a broad spectrum of essential nutrients.
2. Roll-On Deodorant

Stay naturally fresh all day with Ancient Spice Roll-on Deodorant. An effective formula, even for the most active person. Lightly scented with a blend of fresh citrus and oriental spice.
3 Herbal Hair Shampoos (all hair types)

Ultra mild for daily use. Great for babies and children! Extremely mild Yucca juice and polyglucose gently cleanse the hair. Panthenol moisturizes the hair. Organic avocado oil restores luster and hydrates dry and damaged ends. Organic herbs add sheen and body to your hair.
4 Toothpastes

Cleanse and brighten your teeth with bicarb soda. Freshens your breath and maintains healthy teeth and gums. MiEssence toothpastes do not contain fluoride, aluminum, artificial sweeteners or detergents.
5. Herbal Hair Conditioner (all hair types)

Hydrates and protects the hair with organic avocado and pro-vitamin B5. Promotes luster and body with organic herbs. Naturally balances the pH with organic apple cider vinegar.
6. Body Wash

Gently cleanses your body while moisturizing it with lashings of vitamin-rich, cold-pressed organic safflower oil. Contains invigorating orange peel, lemon peel and lime peel oils.
7. Facial Moisturizers (all skin types)

A creamy, moisturizer with significant and lasting effects on skin hydration and smoothness. Formulated with plant phospholipids, organic seed butters and oils, organic herbs and flowers to maintain healthy skin. Contains organic rosehip seed oil, jojoba, calendula, chamomile, olive leaf, marshmallow and lavender.
8. Mascara

Combining the nourishing properties of jojoba oil and shea butter, the thickening and strengthening properties of beeswax, and the intensity of color of long lasting natural mineral pigments, MiEssence organic mascara builds thick, supple healthy lashes.
9. Intensive Body Cream

A certified organic intensive to moisturize and revitalize your skin with organic shea butter and the exquisite scent of amber and vanilla. A concentrated blend of organic avocado and safflower oils, phospholipids, vitamins and antioxidants creates a protective barrier against moisture loss. Actively promotes elasticity and suppleness.
10. Facial Cleansers (all skin types)

An organic cleanser with stimulating organic orange peel oil, calendula and marshmallow that effectively removes perspiration, pollution and excess oils. Leaves the skin feeling soft and fresh.
11. Lip Balm

For soft, kissable lips use this delicious balm day and night. Nutritious cocoa butter, safflower and avocado oils soften and smoothes rough, chapped lips, while organic orange and vanilla taste delicious.
12. Translucent Foundation (all skin types)

Evens out the complexion. Imparts a soft, matte, finish with translucent coverage. Protects against pollution, UV rays and free radicals. Looks natural in any light. Keeps skin hydrated and protected throughout the day. Contains the added benefits of organic, nourishing seed, nut and fruit oils.
13. Facial Conditioners (all skin types)

A hydrating infusion with organic olive leaf, calendula and marshmallow with vitamins to refresh and tone the skin. Maintains a refined and supple complexion.
14. Love - Floral Botanical Perfume

A delicate bouquet of the most precious flowers of high perfumery blended with a sweet combination of powdery musk and vanilla warmth. Seduce the senses with exquisite memories. Soft, floral, and romantic.
15. Garnet Exfoliant (normal/sensitive skin)

Polished alluvial garnet works effectively to clear congestion resulting from a build-up of dead, dry surface skin cells. The best scrub ever, with a fresh citrus blend of organic lemon, bergamot and orange.

As mentioned above, here are a few recent unsolicited testimonials from Narelle's customers.

What Narelle's Customers Have To Say


".....have not found any products that compare to them"

Just wishing to express my thanks for your wonderful products and also your generous service to me as a customer. I have been using the Miessence skin care products for about 3 or 4 years now and have not found any products that compare to them. Having sensitive and problem skin I have found it impossible to find products that don't leave my skin tight, itchy or irritated. The Miessence range of products have great results, leaving my skin feeling relaxed, clean and not over oily. I also very much appreciate your great customer service, with products delivered quickly and discount benefits for being a customer. Thank you very much.

M. Walker


August 2009

" was as if my body was having a party"

I don't know where to begin! I have been using the Miessense products as well as the Mivilality for a little over a year now. I have had cronic fatigue, heartburn, stomach issues for over 8 years. I have seen steady progress in my digestive tract. I have been able to exercise and lose weight. Which I could not do before because I was to weak. I am able to tolerate gluten at low levels know. And my iron levels have gone up dramaticly. I have had anemia for as long as I can remember. As for the skin care. I have always been sensitive to putting anything on my body. I just never felt comfortable intutively. When I came in contact with your skin care it was as if my body was having a party!! For the first time I was drawn to using skin care. And I know it was not just an infatuation because I feel the same way everyday!! ( as I said before it's been over a year) I get sooo excited to put on my products. I feel like a kid in a candy store !! Thanks you so much my body and I are truley grateful. :) United States

Michele Bush
United States


January 2009

"SO overwhelmed with the difference"

I've been SO overwhelmed with the difference to my skin since I started using the product - and that was only about 6 weeks ago.  It's looking so much better and feeling better.  I used to have to lather on moisturiser (I used QV Face because I have rosatia from food allergies) morning and night and my skin still got dried out but with the miessence moisturiser I've only used it once a day and my skin's continuing to get better.  I should write an ad!   The only thing that annoyed me was that when I was away for 5 weeks OS I decanted a little bit of the amazing cleanser and lovely toner into little bottles and the horrible woman at customs took them away from me! I was particularly cross 'cause they were new bottles so she threw away nearly 100ml of each!  Anyway, it meant I had moisturiser only - and my skin was still lovely!  Now I'm back on the full regime it's better again and I literally can't stop touching where my crows feet used to be to feel how lovely and smooth my skin is.  I think I've got about 5 - 10 years back! Anyway, thank you for such a lovely product.  I'll need to contact Vanessa to have a party myself so I can spread the love!

Kirsten Woodwood


June 2008

"Irritable Bowel Syndrome problems"

Hello, My partners boss recommended In-Liven and I searched for it on Yahoo to find your page. After many stresses in our lives over the last 18 months we were both very run down and my partner was also recovering from Glandular Fever so we wanted to give the In-liven a go and it's fantastic, it's really helped us both with energy levels. I have suffered food intolerances and allergies all my life and have suffered from the lack of nutrients in the food I could eat. I suffer from many food intolerances and I suffer from many chemical allergies including many artificial additives to foods. I suffer from IBS which is inflamed by certain foods or additives. I am on the border of underweight and healthy because of my diet restrictions. I was a bit worried when I first tried In-Liven because I've had so many bad reactions before but it looked like it was worth the try and I'd heard from others how good it was, so I've started on a small dose and I can't believe how much it's helped my energy levels already and it seems to be helping my IBS because I'm able to eat more. I checked out your website and read up on what was in the product, you've got a great descriptive page on it's ingredients I'd recommend anyone who's interested in In-Liven to check it out. I always research what I buy, I can't afford not to for the sake of my health and my purse. Great product, thank you.  

United States


November 19th 2007

"Boy with serious blood problems now super healthy"

I have been a Representative of ONEgroup now for 2 yrs. In-liven is my biggest seller. I have a customer who had a 14 yr. Old son with a "Blood Platelets Disorder, or "Thrombocytopenia " He bruised easily , his blood counts were all terribly low. He passed out due to low blood counts, was rushed to the emergency room, and put on medications. He had this disease for 2 yrs, and the Doctors could not help him. He had various blood transfusions, and recently was told he needed a bone marrow transplant. They found In-liven , and the rest is History! Before starting on In-liven his platelets were 20,000, the norm is ( 140,000, - 400,000), right now after 3 months of taking 2 tsp a day, it went up to 83,000, up 62,000 points! Working on getting that higher. His Haemoglobin before starting was 6 the norm is ( 12-16) now, it is 12.5 ! White blood count very low, don't have the number, norm (4.0-10.5) , it is now 5.3 ! Red blood cell count, before was 2.39 norm is (4.7-6.1) now it is 3.74, working on it! But it is better! Bone Marrow was 25% the norm is ( 99%-100%) , now it is 65%, still working on it, but it is getting better! He also suffered from "OCD" Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, his Mother has told me that he hasn't had any problems with it since being on it, and not been sick all winter, everybody else was, but not him. His Mother is also happy to say that after 2 yrs. He can now play football! The Doctors are taking him off of medications because of improvements. They were impressed!.. His Mother is ecstatic! She can't thank me enough for what this Product has done. I want to personally thank Czerral for this product. I have been on it for over 1 yr. And the results are amazing.. ......I thank you and that little boy and his Mother thank-you!

Michelle G
North Dakota, United States


November 19th 2007

"Rashes Completely Disappeared"

Having suffered with a scalp rash for a year, I read in your newsletter that this could be caused by the parabens in my existing shampoo. After just three treatments (ten days) with Miessence organic shampoo the rash began to reduce and after a month it has completely disappeared. I simply cannot thank you enough. Richard P , United Kingdom

Richard P
United Kingdom

December 28th 2005

"Cholostomy bag removed after 2 weeks"

In August 2005 my dad had a partial bowel removal because of cancer and was fitted with a temporary cholostomy bag. Once dad came home from hospital I started him on one teaspoon of In-Liven per day and his appetite improved within a week.

When dad went for a checkup to see how his bowel was healing they found it had healed up very well and no abnormalities were found. We were told by the doctors that dad would have the cholostomy bag in anywhere between 3-6 months and it was a miracle that after 2 months and 2 weeks his cholostomy bag was removed.

Knew there was more than one reason why I use this wonderful product...I will be forever grateful.

Giosetta O
Nollamara, Western Australia

December 15th 2005

"Wife's face has much less blemishes"

My family have enjoyed using the ONE Group's products - In-Liven, MiEssence, MiEnviron - for 8 months, some of the apparent benefits are:

‘In-Liven’pro biotic :
Allergy-- daughter’s allergy to cheese is gone! No more stomach cramp or upset when eating the occasional pizza or cheese on toast..

Constipation-- her bowel motion is now DAILY, instead of every second day.

We have tried virtually every supplement we know, for the last 5 years to solve these two health challenges (cheese-allergy & constipation), with no results.
They are gone for good !
She is happy, alert & full of beans !

Wife's and daughter’s natural hair color has come back. The natural color has been missing for years, masked by previous layers of synthetic ingredients in other shampoos & conditioners.

Wife’s face has much less blemishes, almost gone! Henry's left nose once experienced some swelling , and within 12 hours of using 'Blemish Gel', the red swell disappeared. Wow!

Wife’s 'sweaty' smell on shirts is gone. She loves it! The three bottles, ancient-spice, Tahitian-breeze & aroma-free, have lasted more than 6 months. Looks like they will last a few more months.

Henry’s teeth are whiter using the toothpaste, & the mouthwash, which has lasted 8 months - just 2-3 drops to mix with water for rinsing. Will last a few more months!

For the first time in 15 years, we dare to use a spray (chemical-free) in our house, mainly kitchen & toilet. It smells like visiting a
forest park or garden, instead of a perfume/chemical factory.

Shower-box - the floor is much cleaner, not grimy with chemical residue.

Thank you ONE Group !

Henry Y.
Wellington, NZ

December 12th 2005

Health nurse falls in love with hand soap

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the hand soap... I am a home health nurse and I am constantly washing my hands and most soaps are very irritating to my skin after frequent washing.

I am very pleased with the hand soap you have created and I plan to carry it with me out in the field. It smells like fresh cut lemons and feels so silky.

The intensive body lotion is also fabulous on my skin. It feels like I am completely wrapped in nature after applying it to my entire body . I love it........

Thank you so much.


Shelli S
Ft. Mitchell KY

November 18 2005

"I love the shampoo"

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the products! Maybe I am crazy but I felt immediately more radiant after the whole cleaning, exfoliating, mask process!

I especially love the shampoo - I am neurotic with taking showers, partly because my hair tends to get oily often. I showered with the lemon myrtle shampoo and WHAT A DIFFERENCE - my hair is not oily at all!

Suzanne B

So...What Does A Fitness Freak
Know About Skin Care?

Perhaps it is time that I introduce myself. My name is Adam Waters. I am the publisher of this site, Natural Skincare Authority. I have been a fitness freak for the past 5 years. In December 2000 I placed in top 2000 entries in the Body For Life Natural Physique Transformation Contest.

Now, I know what you may be thinking... "Yeah, great, but what does this have to do with skin care?" Well, after my transformation I started to educate myself more about natural health and the side effects of toxins in our bodies.

To make a long story short, I gradually opened my eyes to another important health factor. Skin care!

Put simply, if the goal is to increase our quality of life through exercise and diet then what's the point of undoing all that good work by soaking our bodies in a toxic chemical soup everyday?

RTP Blog 2.0

My Personal Experience
With ONE Group

After spending a few thousand hours researching toxins in personal care products and a multitude of skin care companies I finally came across ONE Group, a real natural skin care company I could place my trust in. I have been using their products for 6 months now and I have never felt better.

I actually look forward to taking a shower and grooming myself because I feel so energized after my personal care routine using MiEssence. I have now fully replaced every toxic product in my bathroom and house with ONE Group certified organics.

I also take the In-Liven Probiotic twice every day, once in the morning and once at night. It may be a coincidence but in the time since I started taking it I haven't even had a hint of sickness. I am sure the In-Liven probiotic is very effective internally. I have also found that these products tend to last a quite a long time. Even with moderate daily use, I am still using the same deodorant, shampoo and skin conditioner I bought 3 months ago.

I get my ONE Group products drop shipped to me (in Japan) via a courier package once a month. When I first ordered from ONE Group I started with a light order so I could test the quality of their products, customer service and delivery process.

Well, 6 months later I am pleased to say that ONE Group has never let me down. I have not had a reason to contact them because I have not had one single problem since I started ordering.

I Stake My Reputation On
The Quality of ONE Group

In fact I have been so impressed, I have decided to stake both my reputation and that of my website (Natural Skincare Authority) on the quality ONE Group products.

This is not a decision I take lightly as this site is now in the top 1% of all websites on the Internet (as ranked by This is mainly due to the 240 pages of toxin research, product reviews and articles I publish on a weekly basis.

Even though I do not advertise, this site has grown quite quickly, to the point where it now averages 25,000 hits a month with readers across 27 different countries. So...what does all this mean for you? Read on to see how you can get a special gift.

Free Bonus Offer

By purchasing ONE Group products from this site not only will you get tremendous benefits from using certified organics, but you also help support the ongoing research I do here in my effort to get the word out about hazardous toxins.

NSA Ultra Charter
Membership Package

If you do decide to order ONE Group products I would like to show my appreciation by buying you a NSA (Natural Skincare Authority) Ultra Charter Membership package.


You will receive a "backstage pass" to my password protected membership site which will get you access to my weekly Product Review Guides. These downloadable guides will keep you up to speed on the latest skin care products being released on the market.

No product, brand or company is safe! I will disect each product through their published ingredient list and give you the truth about just how natural (or toxic) it is. Each guide will give you a summary of the best and worst products, along with the Top 10 toxins to avoid.

There are currently 4 Product Review Guides available in the NSA Ultra Members area, with new ones being added every week.

 Skin Moisturizer Guide      Facial Moisturizer Guide      Hair Shampoo Guide      Hair Conditioner Guide

*These reports are in Adobe PDF format so that you can download them and print off on your computer. You will continue receiving these reports  for as long as you wish to remain a member.

Order Risk free

If you are not completely satisfied with any ONE Group product, simply contact me within 15 days of your purchase and I will help you organize return of your products for an immediate replacement or refund of the purchase price.


If you have any other product questions I will also give you access to my private email address so you can contact me 24 hours a day with any questions or comments you may have.

Worldwide Shipping

ONE Group currently ships products to more than 35 countries worldwide. As ONE Group products are certified organic to international food grade standards they are usually deemed "safe" for import.

However, some countries do have a little "red tape" to cut concerning cosmetics and may require duties and/or taxes to be paid. When you order you will see the exact criteria for your country.

Discounts and Shipping

Depending on your order frequency you can get up to 20% off the retail price. Below is the criteria.

Order Total Discount Shipping
Less than $100 Full Price* $9.95
$100 to $149 Full Price* $4.95
More than $150* 20% off* $4.95

* After your first order of $150 (excluding taxes) or more, all future orders regardless of value will attract a 20% discount.

For larger orders it is recommended to join as a Representative as discounts of up to 40% with free shipping are available as shown below.

Order Total Discount Shipping Joining Fee #
Under 300 Points ^ 20% off $4.95* $40
300 to 599 Points 30% off Free $20
600 Points + 40% off Free Free

*$9.95 shipping fee where order is less than 75 points

^ All products are given a point value to determine discounts for representatives, this is ~ 70% of the product value.

# Representatives pay a joining fee for which you are given all the tools required to build a business including your own website and training.

Please Note: There are no monthly ordering commitments. You can order the products once only without any further obligations.

However, if you do like the products after your test-drive you can join a monthly ordering program (for free) and get a permanent 20% discount and free worldwide shipping.

3 Easy Ways To Order

Visa Logo Mastercard Logo Amex lgo

(For step by step instructions on how to order online at the official ONE Group website, see below)

2. Click to order by using Paypal

3. Click to order by fax or mail using a credit card or money order

(Click the link above to for instructions on how to download and print the ONE Group retail order form)

ONE Group Order Form

Mail Address:

ONE Group Pty Ltd,
27 Expansion Street,
Nerang, QLD, 4211

Fax Number: +61 7 5539 6719

The following is important information on how to place on online order for ONE Group products so you can claim your free NSA Ultra Membership. This also entitles you to have me on call as your personal customer service representative.

I will take care of any problems you may have, as well handle refund or replacement requests. The process is quite simple, but please follow it exactly, otherwise I can't help you.

How To Order Online
With a Credit Card

Below are the step by step instructions along with screen images on how to order online at the official ONE Group website. Click on the order link below which will open up a new window. You can then follow along at the same time with the steps below.

Step 1) Click here to go to the official ONE Group website.

Step 2) When you click the above link a new window will open up to the official ONE Group website. You will then see the same window as you see below.


Step 3) Simply choose your country in the drop down box at top right corner of page. You have 7 options to select from (Australia, United States, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain, Japan and Other)

Step 4)
Choose the product types you wish to shop for in the left pane under "Start Shopping Below". You can shop by "Skin Care", "Hair Care", "Body/Oral Care", "Cosmetics", "Health Care" (Probiotics/Anti-Oxidants), "Household" (Bug Spray/Air Freshener), "Tools" (Members Only) and "Packs" (Skin Care/Probiotics Packs).

Step 5) A selection of products will appear (as shown below). Update the quantities for each product that you wish to purchase by pressing the "+" or "-" symbols, or simply enter the quantity and press update cart in the relevant product window once you have completed your selections. Take as much time as you like when reviewing each product. You will also see the cost of each product.

Step 6) When you have completed your shopping, select checkout in the Login section at right hand pane.


Step 7) On the next page (See picture below) you will see the shopping cart. After you have reviewed your shopping cart, select Customer Details to create a customer account.


Step 8) Simply select the New customer radio button (See picture below), enter your email address, enter your new password and then re-enter your new password, and then press Shipping Details button.


Step 9) Enter your shipping details in the available fields including any special delivery instructions, and then select payment details at bottom of shipping details.


Step 10) Complete your credit card details including your CCV* number and select confirm order to finalise your order. (Your credit card information is securely processed through ONE Group's SSL encrypted servers)

*On Visa and MasterCard credit cards, it is the three digit value printed on the signature panel on the back following the credit card account number. For American Express, the number is the 4 digit value printed on the top right of the credit card account number. JCB does not support the CCV security measure, please leave this field blank for JCB transactions.


Please take note at the top of the page that your ONE Group Representative is "skincareauthority". This is the only way I will know to give you your NSA Ultra Membership and personal service.

Step 11) Once your order has been processed you will then receive an order confirmation to your email address. (See picture below). Be sure to review the order and make sure the details are correct. You can also print out the email to keep for your own records.

Once I receive confirmation of your order I will send you a personal email with specific details on how you can get access to your NSA Ultra Membership. I look forward to seeing you "backstage" at NSA Ultra.

Kind Regards,

Adam Blue Signature

Adam Waters,

Natural Skincare Authority

P.S I am only human, and there are so many hours in a day and only so many people I can physically attend to! So, in order to provide the best quality service possible I must put a cap on the number of members for obvious reasons.

I can only guarantee that the first 100 17 people will qualify for NSA Ultra Membership, the weekly Product Review Guides, completely custom tailored support and the risk free refund guarantee.

Order securely by credit card at the official ONE Group website

Click to order by fax or mail using a credit card or money order

P.P.S If you have any questions regarding ONE Group products or NSA Ultra Membership you can contact me via email by clicking on this link: Natural Skin Care Products Information Request.

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