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Miracle ii
Review: Rating 5.1/10

Marketing gimmick or "Gift from God"?
Get the facts in the Natural Skin
Care Product Review



Miracle ii moisturizer is a product sold by Heartland Enterprises. It is touted by the founder Clayton Tedeton to be a "Gift from God". Is this a marketing gimmick or is he sincere in his belief? Well, I'm not in a position to speak for God so this review is based purely on the ingredients listed.


The one shining light of Miracle ii moisturizer is the use of cold pressed avocado oil. Cold formulated ingredients retain the purity of their original state. Thus the ingredients are more beneficial to your skin.

Conventional manufacturing of skin care products requires that ingredients be heated in the process. The heating is necessary to mix the synthetic chemicals and "natural" ingredients into the correct formulations.

While cold pressed avocado is present, it is however the only cold pressed ingredient in the miracle ii product.


Apart from Heartland stating their product is a "Gift from God" there are two other controversial elements to Miracle ii moisturizer.

Water Content

The first element for discussion is the water content of the product aptly named "electrically engineered eloptic energized stabilized oxygenated water".

Let's take apart this phrase word by word. The following words are all adjectives impossible to scientifically qualify: electrically engineered, energized and stabilized. These terms, while sounding good, are in essence pure marketing speak.


The next term used is "eloptic" is not defined in any dictionary. It was a word created out of thin air by the founder, Clayton Tedeton. Eloptic seems to be a combination of "electric" and "optical". The meaning is open to interpretation as there is no definition given to it by the founder.

Oxygenated Water?

The term oxygenated water is something we can analyze. This type of water is being sold at hundreds of website's in sport's drinks with the claim that it can boost athletic performance. With tongue firmly planted in cheek I can say that oxygenated water is perfect...if you happen to be a marine animal or a human with lungs designed for water intake.

I'll leave it to an expert to give you a scientific analysis."This is a case of pure fraud without a physiologic foundation" says Howard G. Knuttgen, Ph.D., newsletter editor-in-chief and professor emeritus of kinesiology at Penn State. "Very little oxygen can be forced into water under pressure -- less than that contained in a single breath.

Human oxygen intake in a non-natural form is actually quite toxic. To summarize we can definitely rule out the cryptically termed "electrically engineered eloptic energized stabilized oxygenated water" in Miracle ii moisturizer as being a substance that is beneficial to the human body.

Ash of Dedecyl solution?

The other cryptically named ingredient is "Ash of Dedecyl solution". The company claims this ingredient is a trade secret and therefore unable to reveal exactly what it is. While this may be true it also provides a plausible cover story if the ingredient is in fact toxic.

The only official information given by the Miracle ii website about Ash of Dedecyl solution is this :A coconut oil fatty acid used to keep products from separating; approved by the FDA for use in foods, soaps and cosmetics.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate?

From this definition we can see that the ingredient has been approved by the F.D.A. However this is not necessarily a good thing because the F.D.A. has approved a wide range of toxic chemicals in the past on the basis of animal testing results. Such chemicals include SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE, a chemical approved by the F.D.A. which according to the Journal of American Toxicology Report 1983 has a proven cancer link.

Another red flag on Ash of Dedecyl solution is the fact that Miracle ii lists it as a foaming agent with a sulfate component. This may in fact point to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, the foaming agent used in 90% of all commercial shampoos, moisturizers and toothpastes.

A Chilling Comparison

Miracle ii moisturizer can be compared to Miracle ii Liquid Detoxifying Soap by using information published on their own website. The two products differ on only one ingredient, that is, Dehydrabiethylamine. This ingredient is not known by any chemist. It is another mysterious term created by Miracle ii. Aside from Dehydrabiethylamine Miracle ii moisturizer and Miracle ii liquid Detoxifying Soap are identical.

A Product That Cleans Your Baby ...and Oil Spills!

The following is a direct quote from the Miracle ii website regarding the Detoxifying Soap: "Inspired technology has given us the perfect soap, degreaser, natural insecticide, and antibacterial product. This is the only product in the world that can wash a newborn baby or clean up an oil spill, and everything in between."

Now I don't know about you, but a product that claims to be perfect for cleaning up oil spills and degreasing engines is hardly a product I would use to wash a newborn baby! This is the kind of twisted logic found all over the Miracle ii website.


The Miracle ii moisturizer literally claims to be a God inspired natural product. However, when you combine oxygenated water (toxic) with Ash of Dedecyl solution (sulfate derived foaming agent) what you get is anything but natural.

Add to this the use of names - eloptic, Ash of Dedecyl, Dehydrabiethylamine - with no basis in scientific fact a clearer picture emerges. It is my contention that the use of these cryptic names along with the liberal smattering of "God Inspired" are deliberately designed to provide cover for a toxic product.

It is marketing hype pure and simple designed to take advantage of well meaning people.


I cannot recommend this product. While the evidence is inconclusive common sense tells me that the founder Clayton Tedeton has all the hallmarks of a snake oil salesman with his peddling of the Miracle ii moisturizer and associated products.

There are alternatives. If you are someone who is genuinely seeking natural non toxic moisturizer solution I would refer you to top rating Miessence skin moisturizer. This product is certified organic to food grade standards by the U.S.D.A and A.C.O, governmental bodies of the U.S. and Australia.


For a more esoteric review of Miracle ii moisturizer and the use of God in their marketing click on the above link.


In Detail

Natural Ingredient Rating: (+) 0.2
for Miracle ii moisturizer rated by Natural Skin Care Product Review.

Certified Organic
Miracle ii products are not certified organic by any third party body.0.0
100% Natural Ingredients
No. The use of Oxygenated water and Ash of Dedecyl solution are not 100% natural. See ingredient box below.0.0
No Synthetic Chemicals
The sulfate component of Ash of Dedecyl solution while listing it as a foaming agent constitutes a synthetic chemical.0.0
No Animal Testing
The F.D.A. rates Ash of Dedecyl solution as approved for use which means components of the formula have been tested on animals for safety.0.0
No Pesticides
Cannot be confirmed as Miracle ii moisturizer is not certified organic.0.0
No G.M.O
Cannot be confirmed as Miracle ii products are not certified organic.0.0
Cold Formulated
Yes. One ingredient - avocado oil - is cold formulated according to the ingredient label0.2
Charitable Company
No charitable cause information found on the company website.0.0
Total Score0.2


Toxic Ingredient Rating: (-) 0.1
for Miracle ii moisturizer rated by Natural Skin Care Product Review

Cancer: Proven Link
N.B. As the owner has chosen to keep some ingredients secret the following toxic links are impossible to confirm. With great reservation I have given the benefit of the doubt to Miracle ii.0.0
Cancer: Possible Link
See above 0.0
Reproductive Toxins
See above 0.0
Safety Violation
See above 0.0
Penetration Agents
See above 0.0
Untested Chemicals
See above 0.0
Harmful Toxins
See above 0.0
Animal Tested
See above 0.0
See above 0.0
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
See above, though highly probable.0.0
See above 0.0
Misleading Advertising
Yes, Miracle ii moisturizer claims to be natural though the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming.0.1
Total Score0.1


Directions For Use:
Miracle ii moisturizer
None listed on the company website.
0.1 -


Ingredients As Listed on Package
Miracle ii moisturizer
Prayer, Electrically engineered eloptic energized stabilized oxygenated water, Ash of Dedecyl solution (foaming agent), Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Almond oil, Coconut Oil, Cold Pressed Avocado Oil and Vitamin E.


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