Important Message From Adam Waters Regarding Natural Skincare Authority

Adam Waters Personal Message from Adam Waters:
February 23, 2007

This letter candidly addresses the many emails I get from people who believe this site's sole intention is to pitch one company's skin care product line.

Firstly, Natural Skincare Authority is growing faster than I ever envisaged. This site is now getting an average of 20,358 page views a month. Due to this volume of visitors I am now getting a lot of feedback about this site, which I do appreciate.

The comments are either glowing apprasials from people happy to learn about the toxicity of mainstream skin care products OR people accusing me of being a pitchman for one organic skin care company. There are a few of things I want to explain right now.

1) The majority of this site was written in 2005. This site contains 284 content pages, 3 eBooks and a 14 day email course, all of which were personally written by me. I spent 3000 hours researching and writing the content which I provide for free on this site. The reason I wrote this site was because I was disgusted with the highly toxic products passing as skin care which are being peddled by the chemical giants like Unilever and Proctor & Gamble

2) This site was written the very best of intentions. I standby every article and product review on this site as it is all backed up by my analysis of each product's ingredient label cross-referenced with the government chemical databases like the FDA, CDC, HazMap, etc.

However, my original vision for this site was to create a 'natural skin care portal' with a lot more information regarding toxins in skin care and other products I recommend and use. Below I discuss the reason why I am unable to do that right now.

3) Of the 284 content pages on this site only a handful even mention the organic skin care company I recommend. If you don't want my skin care recommendations don't read any product reviews listed in the nav bar.

There is a lot of information regarding toxicity of skincare that you can read elsewhere on this site. Alternatively, there are tens of thousands of other websites out there that you can go to if you don't like this one.

4) I simply do not have time to constantly update this site with new (and different) product recommendations so if this site looks like a pitch for one company you'll have to accept my sincere apologies and move on to another site.

The reason is becuase skin care IS NOT the primary focus or passion of my life anymore. Fitness and physique transformation is what drives me now. You can see proof of this by my pictures below.

N.B. If you would like to learn more about my weight loss journey go to my blog at Real Time Physique Blog

Of course I still use the products I recommend but there comes a point when it is time to practice what you preach and move on.

In summary, please don't send me any more messages accusing me of being a pitchman for one company. Please understand that I simply don't have time to update this site with new product recommendations.

Adam Waters,
Natural Skincare Authority