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EO Natural Hair Conditioner
Review: Rating 7.2/10

Rated a Quality Natural Hair Conditioner in the
2006 Natural Hair Care Product Review

Natural Ingredients
No Synthetics
No Animal Testing


EO Natural Hair Conditioner is one of very few certifiably natural conditioners in the hair conditioner category. This product's official name is EO Conditioner Rosemary & Mint.

This product uses only essential oils according to the ingredient listing. EO (Essential Oils) is a husband and wife operation that search the globe to find the best quality natural ingredients.


EO is to be commended for using all natural ingredients in their natural hair conditioner, as well as their cruelty free policy.


The major drawback is that none of EO products are certified organic by any third party independent body. These certifications are important because they guarantee organic purity and integrity to end user, you.

Though if you fully review the natural hair conditioner products on the previous page you will see many toxic chemical cocktails - passing as natural skin care products - that are far worse than EO .

No Synthetic Chemicals

The EO Natural Hair Conditioner does not contain any irritants, penetration agents, carcinogens or any other nasties from an ingredient perspective.


Your decision to use this product would depend on what your goals are. If you are looking for a natural product containing essentials oils without toxins, then EO is for you.

Certified Organic Hair Conditioner?

If you are someone who likes the peace of mind of using certified organic skin care then I would refer you to top rating natural hair conditioner.

Voice Your Opinion!

If you have personal experience with this product and would like to express your view please click this EO Natural Hair Conditioner comment form. I will include your comments in the NSA Insider Forum.


Online: EO products can be ordered online from their website or other online portals.



In Detail

Natural Ingredient Rating: (+) 2.2
EO Conditioner Rosemary & Mint rated by Natural Hair Care Product Review

Certified Organic
EO products are not certified organic by any third party body.0.0
100% Natural Ingredients
Yes. EO Natural Hair Conditioner is composed of all natural ingredients. See ingredient box below.0.9
No Synthetic Chemicals
No synthetic chemicals located on the ingredient list which I cross referenced with Hazard MSDS database. See ingredient box below.0.8
No Animal Testing
As the ingredients are derived from only natural organic sources, animal testing is not required.0.5
No Pesticides
Cannot be confirmed as EO are not certified organic.0.0
No G.M.O
Cannot be confirmed as EO are not certified organic.0.0
Cold Formulated
Cannot confirm cold formulation as this information is not on the EO website.0.0
Charitable Company
No charitable cause information found on the EO website.0.0
Total Score2.2


Toxic Ingredient Rating: (-) 0.0
EO Conditioner Rosemary & Mint rated by Natural Hair Care Product Review

Cancer: Proven Link
Cancer: Possible Link
Reproductive Toxins
Safety Violation
Penetration Agents
Untested Chemicals
Harmful Toxins
Animal Tested
Propylene Glycol
Disodium EDTA
Total Score0.0


Directions For Use:
EO Natural Hair Conditioner
None listed.
0.0 -


Ingredients As Listed on Package
EO Natural Hair Conditioner
Purified water infusion of lemongrass, goldenseal, myrrh, horsetail, passion fruit and raspberry, vegetable emulsifying wax, canola oil conditioning complex, essential oils, wheat amino acids, preservative complex.


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