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What Are The 20 Most Hazardous Cosmetic Ingredients?

This page may be the important one on this site. After investing hundreds of hours studying the chemicals used in cosmetics and so called natural skin care products I have published my findings. This is the definitive list of dangerous cosmetic ingredients.

The CIR Will Not Help You!

This Top Twenty list is compiled from government and industry sources. The truth is, if you want the cold hard facts on chemicals and their risks do not rely on the CIR (Cosmetic Ingredient Review) to tell you.

This self appointed body consists of the cosmetic corporations themselves. They do not have your best interests at heart. If they did these chemicals would never have made it into their products to begin with.

Official Sources: CDC, HazMap and Scorecard.org

Instead, I sourced data from CDC (Center for Disease Control), HazMap (Operational Exposure to Hazardous Agents) and Scorecard.org (Pollution Information).

These bodies are official sources on chemicals, by law must provide a duty of care to the people they represent. Unlike the CIR they have no vested interest in seeing this information being kept in the dark.

Why should you care?

Most of the chemicals on this list have been banned by the EU for use in cosmetics. However, these chemicals are still widely used in cosmetics sold in other parts of the world.

On this cosmetic toxin list you will find known carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals), mutagens (causing cell mutations - cancer), teratogens (causing birth defects), reproductive toxins (male & female infertility), developmental toxins (hazardous to an unborn child) and skin/sense organ toxicants.

Would You Pour These Raw Chemicals On Your Skin?

If given a choice you would probably not pour these chemicals directly onto your skin. Perhaps a better question is this.

Are you already smearing these chemicals on your face and skin from the cosmetic products you use?
If you use commercial brands of skin care from Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever and Colgate Palmolive the answer is most likely yes.

Take Action!

I strongly urge you to print out this page. Then cross check the cosmetic toxins listed here with the ingredient labels on the cosmetic and skin care products you use. Right now! Be sure to check every product, even those so-called natural skin care products.

Please Note: For in depth information on each chemical click the title. You will be taken to chemical profile page. You can easily return here by using the top navigation bar. If your products contain these chemicals be sure to research the reviews published on this site for certified organic products.

Top 10 Cosmetic Toxins

1.MercuryKnown human carcinogen.
2.Lead AcetateKnown human carcinogen.
3.FormaldehydeKnown human carcinogen
4.TolueneReproductive/developmental toxin
5.Petroleum DistillatesPossible human carcinogen
6.EthylacrylatePossible human carcinogen
7.Coal TarKnown human carcinogen
8.Dibutyl PhthalateReproductive/developmental toxin
9.Potassium DichromatePossible human carcinogen
10.2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3-DiolForms carcinogens if mixed with nitrosating agents


Top Cosmetic Toxins 11 to 20

11.Selenium Sulfide Possible human carcinogen.
12.DimethylamineRespiratory toxicity hazards.
13.Zirconium Silicate Banned for use in cosmetics.
14.AcrylamidePossible human carcinogen.
15.PhenylphenolPossible human carcinogen.
16.DC Blue 6Banned for use in cosmetics.
17.EXT DC Green 1Banned for use in cosmetics.
18.EXT DC Red 1Banned for use in cosmetics.
19.EXT DC Red 3Banned for use in cosmetics.
20.HexachloropheneLimited evidence of cancer.


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