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Cosmetic Chemicals Watch-List:
The "A" to "Z" Of Toxins in Skin Care


The Most Harmful Chemicals in Cosmetic Products: A to Z

Are you looking for specific information on harmful cosmetic and skin care ingredients? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the cryptic chemical names and their affects? Well, fear no more! Help is here.

Searching For Chemicals is As Easy As ABC

The Natural Skincare Authority has compiled the "A to Z" Watch-List to make it easy for you to get specific information about the most toxic chemicals in alphabetical order. I have conducted research from a full list of 6,750 chemicals currently used in skin care products. I then narrowed down this list into the Top 5 most toxic chemicals under each alphabetical letter, with more being added regularly.

You Can Also Search The Top 20 Toxins

This "A to Z" watch-list has been designed to complement the Top 20 Toxin List. For both lists click the chemical title to go to a page with detailed information on that chemical: hazard summary; sources and uses; pollution information; FDA & EU updates and CDC data.

Two Powerful Ways To Search!

Scenario 1:
You have a specific chemical in mind and would like to check if it appears on the watch-list for that alphabetical letter

For example, if you are looking for more information on "ethanolamine" simply click "E" from the top menu. You will then jump down this page to the "E" section. From there you will see "ethanolamine" listed in the Top 5. Click the "Ethanolamine" title to go the chemical profile page.

Scenario 2:
You are not searching for a specific chemical. For peace of mind you simply want to check the Top 5 chemicals for each alphabetical letter.

This type of search is simply browse mode. Go to each letter and review the Top 5 list of harmful ingredients beginning with that letter. This is a very useful tool for examining the ingredients listed on your own skin care products.

Please Note: You can also search our database of chemicals from any page within the Natural Skincare Authority site. Simply type the name of the chemical (or topic) into the search box - as seen below. The relevant search results will be listed on the following page.

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Official Government and Industry Sources

This "A to Z" watch-list of chemicals in cosmetics is the result of hundreds of hours of research into hazardous chemical profiles sourced from official government and industry documents.

These authoritative sources include the CDC (Center for Disease Control), HazMap (Operational Exposure to Hazardous Agents), FDA (Food & Drug Administration) EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and Scorecard.org (Pollution Information).

A Chemical Watch-List for Chemical Criminals

Most governments maintain watch-lists on dangerous criminals to protect their citizens. The chemicals on this watch-list are dangerous chemical criminals "on the loose" and "at large" in our own bodies. Recent research from EWG indicates that the average person uses 9 personal care products each day, with 126 unique chemical ingredients - Check Source.

The Major Culprits

The chemicals on this watch-list are widely used in most commercial skin care products, take a look at the specific product reviews on this site for more information. The major culprits are the drug/pharma/petrochemical cartels such as Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Colgate Palmolive and Proctor & Gamble.

The Fake Natural Skin Care Companies

However, there are also many so-called natural skin care companies that use these chemicals in their cosmetics as well. They knowingly deceive their customers by including a few token natural ingredients within their chemical soups. They then market these as natural skin care products. The major players in this deception are Jason Natural Cosmetics, Body Shop, Zia Natural and Kiss My Face.

Illegal Access To Your Bloodstream?

In a word, yes. These hazardous chemicals in most cases have unfettered - and illegal - access to your bloodstream. They are enabled by "penetration enhancers". These chemicals alter the skin structure and penetrate through to the deep layers of your skin.

This process opens the door for other more dangerous chemicals to directly hit your bloodstream. This is a direct violation of most national government regulations, as only government sanctioned drugs/medicine - NOT skin care products - are permitted to enter the bloodstream.

Ticking Time Bombs

These chemicals operate like ticking time bombs - their full affect will be felt after many years of exposure. However, that is not a reason to be complacent. Even if you are relatively young at 40 years of age you most likely have been using a wide variety of toxic skin care products for at least 25 years.

Known Carcinogens Are Just The Start

On this cosmetic toxin watch-list you will find known carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals), mutagens (causing cell mutations - cancer), teratogens (causing birth defects), reproductive toxins (male & female infertility), developmental toxins (hazardous to an unborn child) and skin/sense organ toxicants.

Take Action!

I strongly urge you to print out this page. Then cross check the cosmetic toxins listed here with the ingredient labels on the cosmetic and skin care products you use. Right now! Be sure to check every product, even those so-called natural skin care products.

Please Note: For in depth information on each chemical click the title. You will be taken to chemical profile page. You can easily return here by using the top navigation bar. If your products contain these chemicals be sure to research the reviews published on this site for certified organic products.

If you are as alarmed as we are about this chemical use on your skin, we have a totally Natural and Organic Skincare alternative for you.

"A to Z" Cosmetic Chemical Watch-List


Top of Page

"A" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. 2-BROMO-2-NITROPROPANE-1,3-DIOL Immune toxicant.
2. ACRYLAMIDE Possible human carcinogen.
3. ALCOHOL DENATURED Known or suspected teratogen.
4. ALUMINUM Reproductive system toxicity.
5. AMMONIA Reproductive system toxicity.
6. AMMONIUM GLYCOLATE Penetration enhancer.
7. AMMONIUM LACTATE Penetration enhancer.
8. AMMONIUM PERSULFATE Known human carcinogen.


"B" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. BORIC ACIDReproductive system toxicity.
2. BUTOXYETHANOLKnown human carcinogen.
3. BHTImmune toxicant.
4. BRONOPOLImmune toxicant.
5. BUTYL METHACRYLATEImmune toxicant.


"C" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. CARBOLIC ACID Known human carcinogen.
2. CETEARETH-12 Potential breast carcinogen.
3. CETEARETH-20 Potential breast carcinogen.
4. CETEARETH-25 Potential breast carcinogen.
5. CETEARETH-30 Potential breast carcinogen.
6. CHLORINE DIOXIDE Reproductive system toxicity.
7. CLO 2 Reproductive system toxicity.
8. COAL TARKnown human carcinogen.


"D" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. DIBUTYL PHTHALATEPotential birth defects
2. DIMETHYLAMINEImmune toxicant.
3. DC BLUE 6Banned for use in cosmetics.
4. DC RED 17Banned for use in cosmetics.
5. D-LIMONENEReproductive system toxicity.
6.DIOXANEPossible human carcinogen.
7.DISODIUM EDTAPenetration enhancer.


"E" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. ETHANOLAMINE Known human carcinogen.
2. ETHLACRYLATEKnown human carcinogen.
3. ETHYLENE GLYCOLReproductive system toxicity.
4. EUGENOL Immune toxicant.
5. EXT DC GREEN 1 Banned for use in cosmetics.
6. EXT DC RED 1 Banned for use in cosmetics.
7. EXT DC RED 3 Banned for use in cosmetics.
8. EXT DC VIOLET 2Banned for use in cosmetics.


"F" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. FORMALDEHYDEKnown human carcinogen.
2. FDC RED 3Possible human carcinogen.
3. FDC RED 4Possible human carcinogen.
4. FDC YELLOW 6Possible human carcinogen.
5. FDC GREEN 3Possible human carcinogen.
6.FRAGRANCEImmune toxicant.


"G" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. GLUTARALClassified toxic.
2. GLYCOLIC ACIDClassified toxic.
3. GLACIAL ACETIC ACIDClassified toxic.
4. GLYCERAL ISOSTEARATEReproductive system toxicity.
5. GLYCERYL HYDROXYSTEARATEPenetration enhancer.
6. GLYCERINOccupational hazard.


"H" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. HC RED 3 Known human carcinogen.
2. HEXACHLOROPHENE Known human carcinogen.
3. HYDROABIETYL ALCOHOL Possible human carcinogen.
4. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE Known human carcinogen.
5. HYDROGENATED LECITHIN Penetration enhancer.
6. HYDROQUINONEKnown human carcinogen.


"I" Cosmetic Chemicals

1.ISOPROPANOL Reproductive system toxicity.
2. IODOPROPYNYL BUTYLLCARBAMATE Reproductive system toxicity.
3. IODINEEstrogenic chemicals.
4. ISOBUTANEImmune toxicant.
5. IMIDAZOLIDINYL UREAImmune toxicant.
6. ISOTHIAZOLINONESReproductive system toxicity.


"K" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. KETOCONAZOLEEndocrine disruptors.
2. KOJIC ACIDPossible human carcinogen.
3. KAOLINClassified toxic.


"L" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. LACTIC ACID Immune toxicant.
2. LAURAMIDE DEA Harmful Impurities.
3. LAURYL LACTATE Penetration enhancer.
4. LINOLEAMIDE DEA Harmful Impurities.
5. LEAD ACETATEKnown human carcinogen.
6. LECITHINPenetration enhancer.


"M" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. MERCURYKnown human carcinogen.
2. METHENAMINEPossible human carcinogen.
3. MEAKnown or suspected teratogen.
4. METHYL SALICYLATEReproductive system toxicity.
5. MANGANESEReproductive system toxicity.
6. MINERAL OILPossible human carcinogen.


"N" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. N-PHENYL-P-PHENYLENEDIAMINEKnown human carcinogen.
2. NAPHAZOLINE HYDROCHLORIDEKnown human carcinogen.
3. NONOXYNOL-4Known human carcinogen.
4. NONOXYNOL-10Known human carcinogen.
5. NIACINClassified toxic.


"O" Cosmetic Chemicals

1.O-AMINOPHENOL Known human carcinogen.
2. OCTOXYNOL-9Immune toxicant.
3. OLETH-2Harmful Impurities.
4. OLETH-5Harmful Impurities.
5.OLETH-10 Harmful Impurities.


"P" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. PETROLEUM DISTILLATESKnown human carcinogen.
2. P-PHENYLENEDIAMINEKnown human carcinogen.
3. P-AMINOPHENOLKnown human carcinogen.
4. PHENYLPHENOLReproductive system toxicity.
6. PARABENSReproductive system toxicity.
7. PROPYLENE GLYCOLImmune toxicant.
8.PETROLATUMEndocrine disruptor.


"Q" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. QUARTZKnown human carcinogen.
2. QUATERNIUM-15Immune toxicant.
3. QUATERNIUM-22Harmful Impurities.
4. QUATERNIUM-26Harmful Impurities.


"R" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. RESORCINOLPossible human carcinogen.
2. ROSINImmune toxicant.
3. ROSE HIPS SEED OILImmune toxicant.
4. ROSE HIPSImmune toxicant.
5. RED 6 BARIUM LAKEImmune toxicant.


"S" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. SELENIUM SULFIDEKnown human carcinogen.
2. SELENIUMReproductive system toxicity.
3. SODIUM BORATESafety warnings & violations.
4. SD ALCOHOL 39CReproductive system toxicity.
6.SODIUM HYDROXIDEReproductive system toxicity.
7.SODIUM LAURYL SULFATEGastrointestinal toxicity.
8.SODIUM LACTATEImmune toxicant.
9.SODIUM PCAHarmful Impurities.


"T" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. TOLUENEKnown human carcinogen.
2. TRIETHANOLAMINEPossible human carcinogen.
4. TRIETHYLENE GLYCOLReproductive system toxicity.
6.TOCOPHERYL ACETATEImmune toxicant.


"U" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. URACILPossible human carcinogen.
2. UREASkin/sense organ toxicant.


"V" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. VITAMIN D3Reproductive system toxicity.
2. VITAMIN KClassified toxic.
3. VP-METHACRYLAMIDEHarmful Impurities.


"W" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. WHITE PETROLATUMHarmful impurities.


"Y" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. YOHIMBEClassified toxic.


"Z" Cosmetic Chemicals

1. ZIRCONIUM SILICATEIllegal ingredients (US).
2. ZINC SULFATEReproductive system toxicity.
3. ZINC CHLORIDEImmune toxicant.
4. ZINC ACETATEImmune toxicant.
5. ZINC OXIDEImmune toxicant.

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