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Who Am I?

Hello, my name is Adam Waters. I am the creator and webmaster of Natural-Skincare-Authority.com

As my first love is fitness and physique transformation you may ask...

What does fitness have to do with skin care?

Quite a lot actually ...please allow me to explain.

This picture slide details my current fat loss journey. The 'before' picture was taken in July, 2003. The 'Day 1' picture was taken November 8, 2006, 'Day 28' was December 5, 2006, 'Day 56' was January 3, 2007 and 'Day 84' was taken January 31, 2007.

N.B. If you would like to learn more about my weight loss journey go to my blog at RTP Blog: Adam Waters Real Time Physique Transformation

This leads me to the topic of this site ...natural skin care. I emphasize natural becuase as I was soon discover there is a big difference. You see, even though I was rapidly changing my physique and becoming healthier I was still uninformed about skin care.

I made many mistakes during - and after - my physique transformation. My primary focus at that time was losing fat and gaining muscle, at the expense of all else. I put my skin through toxic hell to get the right look for the after shot.

Made Many Mistakes

Some of the mistakes I made were specific to the contest preparation photo shoot. I shaved my body and used a lot of toxic skin care products like shaving cream, skin moisturizer, facial creams, UV creams and tanning oils.

All this along with frying my skin at the tanning salon 3 days a week. I continued this process months after the shoot. My skin started to pay the price from this toxic overload.

Rashes And Blisters

When my skin started to break out in rashes and blisters I soon realized that this routine was severely damaging my skin. On a serious note I also had moles on my skin that were changing color.

My doctor - who was into alternative health - strongly advised me to take a more natural approach to skin care. He also gave me advice about the dangers of fluoride in toothpaste and parabens in deodorants. Yes, he is a very cool doctor!


Another awakening began! I got on the internet and began to research everything I could about the skin care products most of us use on a daily basis. This information while not hard to find is generally hidden from the mainstream.

There are reams of studies and documents published by universities, governments and chemical corporations about the dangers of chemicals used in everyday life. Let me stress again that these studies are not secret, just hard to find.

I Was Shocked

To say I was shocked at the level of toxins in skin care would be an understatement! According to the research most commercial - and natural - skin care products are highly toxic to the point of being hazardous to your health.

Some products even contain known cancer causing agents. Most shocking is that thousands of ingredients in skin care have never been tested for safety.

However we should not be too surprised as most skin care products are made by drug and chemical multi-nationals like Unilever and Proctor & Gamble. Even more troubling is that these mega corporations are jumping on the natural bandwagon under false pretences.

People Power

There are signs now that the tide is turning. Due to the free flow of information on the internet consumers around the world are educating themselves on a wide range of issues. Public pressure is forcing the hand of manufacturers and governments.

Recent examples include moves by the EU to force cosmetic makers to put warning labels on their products and the USDA organic labeling program. The USDA has just reversed a decision to scrap the organic labeling due to a public outcry.

Misplaced Trust?

Some of this information may come as a shock to you. Like we discussed earlier I urge you to keep an open mind as you research this important topic. I, myself was staggered by the amount of toxins in everyday products.

Like most of us I had placed my faith in the commercial brands of skin care while never considering they may be dangerous to my health. I soon realized I had two choices, I could moan about it or I could get busy and inform other people what I had learned.

Site Objective

So now we come full circle. This is my motivation for starting this site. My objective is to give you fact based natural skin care product reviews. I have invested hundreds of hours researching the ingredient lists of skin care manufacturers.

I then cross reference each product with 20 different natural and toxic parameters to give you a summary of the top rating products in each category. Equally important I have also published on this site the products and chemicals you must avoid at all costs.

Your Invitation

I invite you to peruse this site and become an IOC (Informed Organic Consumer). If you are a serious natural skin care product seeker and want to learn how to be a savvy IOC then I URGE you to become a charter member of our NSA Insider Club - while you still can.

For a strictly limited time you too can join our fast-growing private club of natural skin care lovers and get up to speed with the insider tips and tricks on how to live a natural non-toxic lifestyle. Included in your membership is the Natural Skin Care Secrets mini-course and a special bonus, the Certified Organic Skin Care Report.

Your NSA Insider Membership has two main components:

1) Natural Skin Care Secrets Mini-Course (NSCS)

This is a multi-part mini-course sent to you by email. In fact, the first issue should be in your email in-box within minutes after gaining free access.

This course will teach you step-by-step how to identify and eliminate toxins from your skin care routine. You will also get a lot of cool tools and special unadvertised bonuses throughout this course.

2) Certified Organic Skin Care Report

This report will let you in on the amazing inside story of an Australian skin care company's dramatic rise to the top of the natural skin care world.

You will discover how the words of Gandhi inspired the world's first and only USDA/ACO certified organic skin care range. You will be amazed at how a young Australian women overcame huge odds and how she eventually emerged triumphant.

Just enter your name and email address below to join NSA Insider now or Click Here for more information and reserve your position now before the price kicks in.


Your information will be kept private and will not be disclosed. You can unsubscribe from the mini-course at anytime. We hate spam as much as you do! Check your inbox for Part 1 right away.

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