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Monthly Newsletter, Issue #003 -- (January/February)
February 06, 2009

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Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Natural Skincare Authority

The Natural Skincare Authority (NSA) has long been known as the
authority on skincare product reviews and natural and organic
skincare information.

The beauty of NSA is that we take the hard work out of searching
for the safest, toxic and chemical free products for you. We also
investigate the most dangerous toxins and chemicals to determine
what the risks really are to your health, and how you can empower
yourself to make safe choices for you and your family.

Our monthly newsletter has been designed to give you the latest
research on skincare matters, plus a more wholistic view which we
truly hope provides you with information that adds to the quality of
your life.

Our 3rd edition articles are as follows:

Food the living dead?

Chemical Review - Toluene

Your Feedback

Frequently Asked questions

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We hope you enjoy this edition and that it adds value to your life.

We welcome all feedback, so please contact us through the link on
the newsletter for any questions or comments.

Yours in Natural Skincare,

Kelly Makin (for Adam Waters)

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